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Say I had a 30 minute long MP3, made up of a live performance, and I wanted to break it up into individual songs. Is there a program that will do that, and is there a free copy floating around anywhere?

*looks pitiful*

Help please?
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30 July 2007 @ 09:17 am
Last night was the Travis show in Atlanta....I think it is fair to say I have fallen in love with them all over again..

.....a short history of my relationship with Travis--the band. I first heard them in 1999 on MTV, on a little show called 120 Minutes (does ANYONE remember that show?!) Anyway, I heard these charming Scottish accents talking about their new cd, and I was instantly won over. Anyone who knows me KNOWS I love Travis, it is just a part of who I am. Sooooo when I get to the squealing, you will understand.

Nathan, my brother Thad, our old roommate Ben and I all went. It was the second time for Thad to see them, first for Nathan and Ben, and FOURTH for me. And let me tell you, not only was this the best TRAVIS show Ive ever been to, it is the best CONCERT I have been to. It was seriously amazing, and all four of us felt uplifted and happy afterwards.

As soon as the show started---I knew it was going to be incredible. The theme to Rocky started, and these spotlights come on, everyone is turning around to see what is happening and they walked in RIGHT BESIDE US...Nathan pretty much shoved me towards them, I made eye-contact with Dougie and he grabbed my hand and I died from joy. I got to touch them all but Fran, ah well. Anyway, they were all adorable and wee and sooo Scottish. They all had boxing robes on and then the show started with a bang!

I am generally of the belief that bands tell every crowd that "this is the best show they've done" or "You are the most amazing crowd we have ever had.." but last night, when they said those things, they made us BELIEVE it. They had the most excited smiles, you could tell they were enjoying it, and THAT is why I love Travis so much. They are so genuine, and you can tell they really care about their fans.

And just so you don't have to hear me squealing anymore....EEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Okay, Im done. I swear. Anyway, they played for almost 2 hours. It really seemed like that didn't want to stop. After their encore was done, the crowd would not stop screaming their asses off, so Fran came out and said "we normally don't do this, but since you guys have been so amazing.." they came back out and played another song. It was incredible. They played EVERY song I wanted.

Selfish Jean
Eyes Wide Open
Writing To Reach You
Love Will Come Through
As You Are
My Eyes
Pipe Dreams
Big Chair
Good Feeling
All I Wanna Do Is Rock

Baby, One More Time
Flowers In The Window
Humpty Dumpty Love Song
Why Does It Always Rain On Me
Back In Black

During the encore, only Dougie and Fran came out, and Fran said they were going to play a song they hadn't done in years...I was trying to figure out what it could be, and when they started playing Baby One More Time, I nearly FELL OVER. I could not believe they were playing it. It was hilarious and perfect.

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22 October 2004 @ 11:11 am
Nuff said.

"Well," Sirius says miserably, "if you're not going to move --
goodbye, old friend. I shall miss your commas."

"No," Remus objects. "This is too stupid to happen."
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13 September 2004 @ 12:09 am
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